Top 10 Damaging Habits that can Cause Hair Damage

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At some point in time, you experiment with your hair, brush, color, curl, straightened and cut it again. Then all of a sudden you decide to go to a hair salon for a few treatments to make yourself feel better when things get tough and stressful in life and repeat the same procedure all over again before even realizing that something is wrong with your locks because it doesn’t look healthy and bouncy like the way it was before. So what’s the problem you asked?

Well, repetitive treatments resulted to dry frizzy damaged hair with split ends. In this article are 10 damaging habits that can cause hair damage. Some of these are probably unknown to some people that they can bring more harm than good. 

Top Ten Damaging Habits to Your Hair

Although, it’s not yet too late to pamper yourself and your hair if you know these simple tips and avoid doing it because as we get older expect that our tresses become thinner because of the damaged we bought  during our younger years so before you commit the same mistake over and over again, get to know the basics of products and procedures that might damage your hair.

1. Washing hair too often

According to beauty hair experts we must wash our hair at least every after 2-3 days but since we are self-conscious we shower and wash our hair every day which is a no-no because you unconsciously strip off its protective natural oil that makes one hair shiny and healthy.

2. Using the wrong shampoo

There’s a difference between treated hair and virgin hair. Virgin hair means- no color or any treatment from the start. For color treated hair, choose a shampoo that’s especially intended for colored treated locks. The rest, a regular shampoo is all you need.

3. No deep conditioning treatment

With all the hair treatment you’ve been doing all this time, a deep conditioning is needed once a week to bring back softer hair but we often think that as long as we have shampoo and conditioner we are good which is a common mistake.

4. Choosing to blow dry instead of towel dry

When someone is busy, it’s so easy to just grab the blow dryer after a shower and you are done without realizing its side effects. Another mistake is rubbing hair with towels instead of just blotting it.

5. Using flat iron

 After perming or hair coloring you then decide that you want to have it straight this time. Sure thing, but do you know that too much-hit leaves hair dry and damaged because pulling plus heat doesn’t do any favor.

6. Using too much hair product

You easily get swayed when you watch commercials and advertisement about hair products and think that it’s definitely good for you without studying first what does it really do to your hair. Go for the basics and stick to it.

7. Avoiding Hair Cut

Every hair needs a trim at least 3 months but if you can’t afford a haircut then make sure to check if you already have a split ends because whether you like it or not, you need a trim.

8. Using Hair accessories that are too tight

You like accessories alright, it makes you girly and lovely. That’s normal but putting it too tight can damage the scalp and irritate the strands.

9. Too much use of Hair Color

Too frequent use of hair color damages your tresses over time so as much as possible avoid doing so.

10. Perming

You Want to change your hairstyle and this time you want it wild so you go for curls. Perming though will leave hair brittle, dry and damaged in the long run but if you can’t live without perming, just avoid doing it too often.


Wanting to change hairstyle to look amazing and beautiful will take a lot of effort and knowledge so if you want to stay attractive please bear in mind that you also have to know the do’s and don’ts to avoid damaging your hair.

Top 10 Damaging Habits that can Cause Hair Damage Bernard Evans

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